He wrote several articles on feast programs and is constantly invited on several television programs in relation to the Maltese Feasts. This helped Clifford to debut on television with the program “Min-nicca l-barra” which is about Maltese feasts around the islands, Clifford was one of the main presenters of this porgramm for four full years. Then, on his co-production, he presented the program Muzajk with Mario Coleiro and Svetlana Muscat that is all about Malta's history and its culture.
Clifford was also the historical researcher for the controversial program “Imsahhra”; 'reality' on production and direction of Mark DONEO which displays paranormal phenomena within historical places in our country. He was also the historical consultant for the new series Mirjana Coljero, for which he also presented the final night of the series (red carpet event) held at the Eden Century Paceville.
In the year 2008, Clifford interpreted the character of Censinu that performed cultural visits to Maltese villages, in the program Matinee, where he was also talking the dialects; in that same year, he was the 'producer ' and program director of program “Grajjiet Ghawdex” which was also finalist in the Malta Television Awards 2008. Tan-nannu spagu was another program targeted mainly towards students that delivered weekly educational information on Maltese crafts.
Clifford also produced 13 features on Education 22 about young people and problems that they encounter during their youth in the program called Arrow; he also presented programs on the Family Channel regarding maltese feasts. In 2009, again in the matinee program, Clifford took the viewers to see different museums around the island where the public had a chance to win tickets to actually visit them as well. Later the same year, on matinee as well, Clifford delivered Maltese myths to the viewers in collaboration with the Malta Book Club series.
Clifford is also a commentator of national holidays / events that are held in Malta, especially those related to the history of Malta (state funerals, Freedom Day, First of May ... and others). One of Clifford’s most wonderful experiences was when he was the commentator at Malta International Airport for the arrival of His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI to our country to mark the 1950 years since St. Paul was among us as well as when the Pope held a meeting at the Valletta waterfront with young people.
We also have to mention the program InfoPoint on InTv which was presented by Clifford Galea, under the production and direction of insiters. This weekly program dealt with topics that affect students of the University on campus during their studies.

Among other programs he also presented the program “Id-Dura”, a program that dealt with hunting and trapping in Malta. This program was organized by the FKNK (Federation for Hunting and Conservation) on ONE TV.

Together with a team of vibrant youths, Clifford set up a cultural production team called Cdem of which he was the co-PRO. The aim of this society was to promote cultural, philanthropic and entertainment. Following, with the same agenda, SERIES Entertainment was set up.

Clifford produced a daily spots on ONE TV following the news for two consecutive year, called TEZORI which imparts cultural information about the treasures in our islands: historical places, palaces, museums, sites, personalities such as the His Excellency the President of Malta Dr.George Abela, crafts, and many others. On One News Blog, Clifford also featured weekly on the One News Blog “L-istorja fit-triq” which showed viewers places, objects, art and unique jewels that can be found on our islands.

He was also one of the models at Modelle X program on Net TV where he was finalist for the Mr.Maltese Islands of 2004. In this area, Clifford won the Best Smart Look Award. He also did several advertisements of known brands and took part in the Belgian series Familie that was filmed in Malta. He did several television adverts for major brands like Bossini and even ads on the radio; his official sponsors are GAS, 4YOU, shine and Options.

Clifford is very tied to the titular feasts and in fact is a member of various Musical and Cultural Organizations including: L-Ghaqda Muzikali San Guzepp f’Hal Ghaxaq, Ghaqda Kultura u Armar Marija Annunzjata f’Hal Tarxien, Ghaqda Dilettanti Mudelli tal-Knejjes fil-Belt Valletta, Melita Historica, and others.

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