From the early age of 6 he had the desire for music and began learning the accordion. He then started learning the piano under the direction of Anna Cassar A.T.C.L. and Mro. Joe Vella with the board of the Royal Schools of Music. He continued his studies with the London College of music and media where he obtained a diploma in piano: Dip.LCM.
During his childhood, Clifford had the opportunity to take part in various 'plays' which were held at school, and even was given principal parts such as the Prince in the play Cindirella and the Prince in Snow White and the Seven dwarfs. There on, the teachers of drama were encouraging him to train his voice further. Later, he also took part in mimes under the direction of Tonio Farrugia. Under the same direction, Clifford also interpreted several parts in 'plays'. At the tender age of 13 he joined the choir of Doreen Galea as a soloist. Later he also sang with other choirs including Collegium Musicum Choir with Mro. Dione Buhagiar and even with the “chamber Choir” of the Choir Sine Macule of Mro. Tony Pace (Safi). He participated in various local as well as international festivals (the first one was at the Phoenicia Hotel Talentissimi 2000). Some of these Festivals were: In the “Fl-ghaqda l-melodija” organized by the GWU, when he placed third place and classified in the first place in the public voting by a duet with Isabelle: ‘ Ninhabbu It-Tnejn' which was written by Augusto Kardinali and Keith Zammit. In October of 2003, Clifford represented Malta at the Golden Star International Singers’ Festival in Bucharest Romania, for this Festival he produced his first video, entitled "Ghaqda u Paci" produced by Smash TV. He also participated in The Malta International TV Song Festival 2006 for which he was one of the finalists and was voted first place by the public with the song Senorita from the pen of Raymond Mahoney and Mro. John David Zammit. He also participated in the second edition of this festival in 2007. Clifford was also a finalist f'Opportunity 2 Challenge for the Malta Song for Europe 2007 on TVM, organized by the Malta Song Board. In 2010 he performed a duet with Nadine Axisa to take part in the final of the Malta Eurosong inside the MFCC Ta 'Qali with the song “Once in a Lifetime” which was composed by Jason Cassar and Mario Farrugia. In the same year he was nominated for two awards at the Malta Television Awards for the cultural program TREASURES. The nominees were: Best breakthrough and Best Cultural Programme.

For some time Clifford trained his voice at Michelle Castelletti and then with the clever Maestro Brian Cefai. He also studied vocal technique in Solo Arte in Cinecitta in Rome under the supervision of Fierina Federici and is currently being trained in an American technique called SLS (Speech Level Singing) by Heather Baker that singers like Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson and others trained. He participated in several live concerts, at first as a 'backing vocal' with singers like Eleanor Cassar, then as a solist with several bands, including L-ghaqda Muzikali Vittorja Naxxar (where he interpret various songs each year including difficult ones like Turandot), Banda San Filep of Haz-Zebbug, Banda San Sebastjan of Hal Qormi, Maria Mater Grazie of Haz-Zabbar, Malta Labour Party Band (concert commemorating 80 years of its inception where he sang L-Innu tal-Helsien minn Gensna), Banda Trinita’ Qaddisa of Marsa, Stella Maris Band of Sliema, with the Philharmonic Society Santa Maria of Mosta, where under the direction of Maestro Raymond Sciberras he sang L-ghanja Mostija (History of Mosta) for two consecutive years, and with Band Cittadina and Band Dekana l'Isle Adame in Rabat where together with Debbie Scerri sang the original passage Gemma Notabilis Fulget (of Maestro Richard Bugeja) for the first time as well as Vivo Per Lei and O Sole Mio.
Clifford also sang with various bands, including that of Mro. Ugo Buhagiar, Ugo's Ticos and even with the Bands of Mro. Paul Abela and Mro. Joe Brown. We have to also mention the songs associated with the titular feast of different villages and towns that Clifford sang, including the San Sebastian Qormi, Marija Bambina Naxxar, St.Helen Birkirkara, Holy Trinity in Marsa and the Annunciation Hal Tarxien in duets with Georgina Abela (Mro. Paul Abela and Raymond Mahoney) and Eleanor Cassar (Adrian and Mro. Joe Brown).
He participated in several theatrical productions and plays amongs which “Bhalissa xi had qed inut fuq l-Gholja” by Professor Oliver Friggieri where Clifford interpreted the main part of Jesus and even in “Mir-rabta sa Sinjorsi” (a dramatization of a Maltese marriage) written by the late Dr. Gorg Mifsud-Chircop where he was the ceremony official. Clifford also interpreted the part of Jesus in the “Last Supper” in Gharghur and the part of the boyfriend in the Marriage of Cana in the passion play “Id-dawl tal-hajja” in Qormi.
Clifford interpreted the part of the centurion in the movie filmed in Malta about the life of St. Paul that was shown in the cinemas by the name of “Paul of Tarsus”. In March 2006 and March 2007, Clifford also wrote and read monologues, during concerts, entitled 'Ahna min ahna?!’ ‘U Bqajt Jien!’. There were a number of musicals in which he participated including: Cindirella (Prince), Snow White and the Seven Dwarf (Prince), The Secret Garden (Captain Albert Lennox - Manoel Theatre), Jien Guzeppi (Simon / Dun Gorg Preca- Catholic Institute), 1956 (President of the Socjeta' - Aurora Theatre, Gozo), Sebastjan (Marcelliano - Catholic Institute), where the last three where directed by ZEP Camilleri, Ir-Rebbieh (Ewsebju - Catholic Institute) directed by John Suda , with whom Clifford also trained in drama and ‘Rahal fi Gwerra’ that was done in Hal Luqa. In December 2010, for his first time he took part in the Christmas Panto called "Ziggie Lulu" at the Catholic Institute in which he performed the role of a British Naval Captain.
Clifford also took a drama course with Louise and Mark Doneo and trained in the drama known as Comedia Del 'Arte' under the direction of the Spanish director Jaime Villalba Sanchez. He also interpreted the part of Prince Escalus in the play Romeo and Juliet held at the Mediterranean House under the direction of ZEP Camilleri and Ian McKanzie from Westend. In 2008 he interpreted the part of Gottifredo in the musical Leonardo, the son, the youth, the saint. As of 2007 he began interpreting the part of the Apostle Thomas in the popular pageant called passion through the streets of Tarxien which is performed during the Holy Week, where he sings a song written by Raymond and Andrew Mahoney Zammit, he also takes part in the pageant San Duminku ta Guzmann.
Clifford loves to sing semi classical however he is very versatile, and this led him to issue his first single CD “Tonight” on November 2005 (Freetime Productions), this made it on the 'playlist 'of the best Maltese stations where it was aired, it was also played in local as well as foreign discotheques. The style was: Pop-Electro. His personal website was also launched, www.clifford.com.mt. In June 2007 the second single SIN was launched, this was produced by Freetime Productions along with a video with a unique style produced by Aaron Briffa and Mark Doneo. Clifford also took part in a show called “The Malta Showcase” as part of the celebrations for CHOGM when several leaders of countries that are members of the Comonwealth came to Malta. Each year he is the guest singer and even the presenter in the beauty contest "Regina d'Europa" that is organized by an Italian company and is broadcasted on Antenna Sicilia and SKY, Clifford performs in Italian for this event.

Clifford also presented in French a night of music and literature in Zebbug that was performed by a French Band coming from Rousset. There are many concerts that Clifford presents, especially those that include music performances such as the 2008 annual concert by King's Own, Valletta and grants of merit citizens in localities in Malta as well as other related feasts in different locations in Malta, as well as evenings of music-literature nights. In 2007, he was invited by Turkey's National TV Channel EXPO as a guest singer from Malta to be part of celebrations of the hundredth edition of the talk show, Maestro & Elizabeth where Clifford sang a duet with Irish singer, Clodagh; written by Figen Cakmak (Vice-President of FIDOF) and Yusuf (Turkish Composer), which was recorded at YHB studio in Istanbul. The aim of this activity was to raise awareness and collect funds for children and youth in need around the world. It is also worth mentioning that Clifford is involved in many voluntary activities where he himself often comes up with new initiatives to help people in need. In fact he has organised two Talent Shows to collect funds for charity. On Christmas of 2008, he sang with several other singers the song “Milied b’Kuragg” with the participation of parliamentarians.

Being a member of the jury in a number of festivals, as well as other competitions;.he was also jury for the children's TV program “Esperti” on ONE TV were he was also involved in production. He is often invited to various activities both as a singer as well as a presenter. Clifford also sings in various special occasions such as wedding ceremonies, and also in different hotels. He collaborated with six other singers to sing the symbol ‘Minuti Minsija’ for the second series of Gizelle, which song won the Award for best song for a televised series in The Samsung Malta Television Awards 2008. In 2009 he interpreted the part of Pierre in the teleserial “La farfalla” on ONE TV, and the part of Justin in “Missjoni”on NET TV. He also interpreted parts in Maltese films of Elio Lombardi. In October 2009, Clifford took the part of 'camariere' during a Police conference in the popular Italian teleseries, “IL Commissario Rex” where he met and worked with the popular actor Kasper Capparoni. He also did the part of a Republican Soldier in the film The Devil's Double which was directed by the famous director Lee Tamahori and also met with the well-known actor Dominic Cooper, from the musical movie Mamma Mia.